• Interior / Exterior wiring as per building code
  • Underground wiring
  • Overhead wiring
  • Panel boxes installations and upgrades​​​
  • Electric meter wiring and installation​
  • Swimming pool wiring and installation​
  • Ceiling fan - Air conditioner wiring and installation​
  • Smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector wiring and installation​
  • ​Aluminum wire solutions
  • Old wiring solutions / Knob and tube wire solutions
  • Conduit / pipe wire protection
  • ​Dedicated circuits for appliances
  • Dedicated circuits for house wiring
  • Dedicated circuits for commercial wiring
  • Circuit breaker installation
  • Whole house surge protection
  • ​​GFCI outlets by wet / outdoor locations
  • Single / Duplex receptacles​
  • ​Surge protected outlets
  • Special purpose outlets for appliances 
  • Tamper resistant outlets


  • Electrical permit and inspection
  • ​​Professional surround sound installation
  • Telephone - Coaxial cable, satellite wiring

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Service Information

Ohms Electrical Construction is proud to be licensed Red Hook NY electrical contractor that offers a wide range of electrician services. Our goal is to provide safe and professional electrical installation for customers who seek for residential or commercial wiring throughout Red Hook NY.

Ohms Electrical Construction is the home of wiring methods. We pride ourselves on professionalism, honesty and top quality electrical work. We beat all local Red Hook NY electricians' prices by 10%. When it comes to quality electrical projects, our expert electricians are ready to handle your next project responsibly.

New Panel box and Electrical service Upgrades - red hook Ny

When we refer to this critical part of electrical installation, it is the most important safety feature for protecting the wires within your building or structure, and should be completed by a qualified or a licensed electrician only. (Think of the engine in you car if you know what it means).

Electrical service consists of supplying power delivered from the utility company to your property. This is where the installation could be overhead with service cables or underground installed in conduits of various types. An electrical service contains an electrical meter, a panel boards with circuit breakers or fuse and a grounding electrode system. With accurate load calculations, Ohms Electrical Construction provides quality service to determine various types of electrical services to match your electrical needs. Whether it is a single or multi meter installation, Ohms Electrical Construction is capable of determining the correct electrical panel size. We are certified by Central Hudson to disconnect and reconnect electricity in single meter homes up to 200 amps. This means you no longer have to wait for Central Hudson utility crew when you need immediate new service or an electrical service upgrade.


Backup Generator with Transfer Switches for Safety - red hook NY

Choosing the right generator is essential for protecting your property or home at any given time utility power fails.

There are two common types of a backup generator systems.

  1. Temporary / portable generator can be easily installed with a manual type of transfer switch for personal and equipment safety. If you choose this method, someone needs to physically turn on the equipment to gain temporary electrical power but "Don't forget a little bit of work keeps the body in shape". Ohms Electrical Construction will install the system and instruct the customers on how to safely operate the switches, which comes easy as your ABC.

  2. Permanent generator is a system that restores your electrical power automatically whether you are home or not. This method requires no one to perform a start up sequence. At Ohms Electrical Construction, we provide quality electrician services to help select and install the best type of automatic backup power system for our customers ensuring you are covered even in the worst storms. Ohms Electrical Construction installs any types of generator system within manufacture specification in order to gain protection and coverage for the warranty of the machine.

Joyful Wiring and Lighting installation For All Applications - red hook NY 

Ohms Electrical Construction continues to install or repair various types of lighting in and around homes or commercial buildings through Red Hook NY. Our local Red Hook electricians are pros who know best when it comes to installation of the following types of lighting fixtures to satisfy your electrical needs:

+ Chandeliers

+ Ceiling fans

+ LED lighting

+ Florescent lighting

+ Recessed lighting

+ Track lighting

+ Emergency and exit lighting 

We are well equipped with various ladder sizes and a boom truck service to manage all lighting situations. When you are uncertain on which lighting fixture to install, we love to help our customers decide the very best type of lighting for each unique situation with free consultation.


Switches for all Applications - red hook NY  

At Ohms Electrical Construction we have the experience and knowledge to install mechanical, remote, or manual switches your electrical apparatus smoothly. Ohms Electrical Construction installs various types of switches for the appropriate application.

Electrical switches are made and designed to control different types of electrical circuits. Electrical switches are unique and can be wired in many ways, therefore installing the following types of switches should be done by at least a qualified electrician.

Choose Ohms Electrical Construction for selecting and installing the correct type of electrical switch in your building or structure. We stock quality made switches manufactured by Cooper, Hubble or Leviton brand that our customers get the products in the market of electrical construction.


Receptacle Outlets for all Applications - red hook NY

Just plug it in the wall. Electrical outlets should be wired that the polarity of the device is not reversed and that they are wired to their corresponding voltage and amperage rating which makes it safe to use.

There are many different types of receptacle outlets, such as:

+ GFCI receptacles

+ Tamper proof receptacles

+ Single and duplex receptacles

+ Special purpose appliance receptacles, etc. 

The type of outlet and placement is very critical in buildings or structure. Ohms Electrical Construction is an expert electrical contractor in designing and installing the correct type of outlet and layout to match your electrical needs while maintaining the national electrical codes.

Now, you can rest easy, because your electrical job will be in the best and most skilled hands that it can be.

  • ​​​​Loose electrical connections​
  • Missing neutral
  • Wire tracing
  • Electrical circuit overload
  • Flickering / dimming light
  • Voltage / Amp testing
  • Electrical code violation removal​
  • Generator transfer switch for safety

    • Interlocking switch in main panel board
    • Two-ten circuit manual transfer switches
    • Generator inlet in weather proof box and covering
    • Permanent generator installation
  • LED lighting​
  • Florescent lighting ​​​
  • ​Landscape lighting 
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Security lighting